15 Jan 2007

Secret Origin of Siberian Bear

Well soviet komrades I am back, the bars could not contain the bear for too long.

I was left in a cell for a few days, I took stock of my life.

Of when I was a young boy in Moscow scavenging for food due to the touch of the Cold War!!

Of when i become teanager and joined the red army, becoming the best that the army had to offer. I was introduced to an assassination speacialist squad called lenins omegas! We represented the Red Army's final defence...

Against any odds me and my komrades would be the end of all adversity, no mission was too challenging, until we were sent on a mission to locate the kapatalist skums espionage unit that were infiltrating the Kremlin. We were in pursuit of several agents in the premises, they were high tailing it to there evacuation point. Me and my men were upon them when one of there crew leapt down from the chopper and nova blasted the whole team, they had caught us, and whole of soviet by suprise.

They had escaped with stolen information, all my men were dead, I clung to life by a thread, and was rushed to the hospital...

AAARRRGGGHHHHH.. My memory still burns with the torment of my initial failure. The only way the speacialist doctors could save me were to encase me in the thermo nuclear soviet goverment funded hydrolic bionic bear exo-skeleton.

At this point in my cell I remebered I must be free again to join my komrades in there fight against kapatalism in Paragon!! I used frost on the bars of my cell... they turned crisp and frail like ice. I smashed them with my ice fists and made my escape.

I am back komrades and look forward to hearing your origins and motivations...


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