30 Dec 2006

A new member: Comrade Bro

A great and Red salute for all brothers !!!

My name's Comrade Bro ... an ex-KGB undercover agent that now serves the comunist movement in Paragon. I was been fighting to our ideals for one month here, always at the streets, where the action is, brothers !!!

My many contacts has reported me that something strange is going on our soviet supergroup.

I need help my brothers commies ... Lt. Siberian Dawn and Soviet Hammer has dissapeared fron the city and noone know nothing about them.

There're a rumours about a real real secret base (where only a few can enter) and I have proofs of some kind of contacts between a Ultimate Soviet's member with an capitalist activist called Dallas.

There're too many risk for me brothers ... i need your support, i pretend to infiltrate onto this secret base. Join me !!! Together we can discover who is behind all these misteries !!!!

Comrade Bro ( always on the run !!! )

25 Dec 2006

Four new members: Stalingrado Mark-5, Russian Rocket, Mother Land & Ural

In the last two weeks, four new soldiers have come from the soviet lands: Stalingrado Mark-5, Russian Rocket, Mother Land and Ural.

17 Dec 2006

Join Ultimate Soviets!

Grretings Comrades the Young Red Corps had coming to Paragon, young Soviets with new abilities and new hopes. Now you can join to this proud bunch! So you can join to the oldest Super Group. THE ULTIMATE SOVIETS.

Dont waste your time, fight with us, comrades like BABA-YAGA, PROJECT MOSIN NAGAN, DRAGON´S CHILD, SPUTNIK STAR, REVOLUTION KID, KGBeast and SIBERIAN TIGER, just do it!


A new member: Proyekto Mosin-Nagan

Our soviet scientists have sent us their best creation: Proyekto Mosin-Nagan.

12 Dec 2006

A new member: Dragon's Child

Our chinese comrades have sent to Paragon City one of their best champions: Dragon's Child.

He will stand against crime as the Great Wall!

10 Dec 2006

New Members: Tigre Siberiano & Oktobriana

Our first reinforcements have arrived from the soviet lands: Tigre Siberiano and Oktobriana.

With their strength and courage, our SG is stronger than ever!

5 Dec 2006

Ultimate Soviet founded

At last we have the first sovietic supergroup in town !!!!!

It was hard but finally all the comrades are united under the same flag and ideals.We are called Ultimate Soviet. We need you, soldier. You can join us and fight for the comunist revolution.

But we need to check your credentials. Ultimate Soviet pretends to be a supergroup with a personal fashion and play style. We can resume this in 2 points:

1-We pretend to play in RPG way

2-We wants an ” old CCCP ” fashion into the designs and background of all characters. Red is good.

To fulfill all this points we invite you to see us in action. You can make an idea of our idiosincracy and fashion.

We usually assemble at Atlas about 10.00 Pm ( London GMT )

You can take contact to me. My name’s Siberian Dawn.

See you soon, Red Son.

Lt. Siberian Dawn. Departament of Propaganda

2 Dec 2006


Last night the People’s defenders receives reinforcements. A new strong soldier, Siberian Bear, has joined the Red Revolution. Thanks comrade for you support, with your strenght we’ll be invincible.

After a risky and dangerous mission at Hollows in that the People’s favorites defeat a bunch of dangerous mutants, Comrade Lenin founded the first commie Supergroup, “Supreme Soviet “.

Your comrades, General Red Oktober, Political Comissar and The Siberian Bear join him and promises to serve the Marxist-Leninist ideas.

But Lieutenant Siberian Dawn and Sargeant Soviet Hammer not join this iniciative. Dissension at the Red files.

Comrade Lenin declares the traitors as fugitive and offers a reward for the ” good patriot ” that catch this capitalist scum.

Dark times for this couple, brothers of the Revolution !!!!

We continues to inform you.

The fights continues, comrades !!!!

29 Nov 2006

Two New Comrades

Well friends, two new comrades for the Ultimate Soviets (supergroup provisional name).

We’re 6 now :

  • Momia de Lennin ( Lennin’s Mummy … Lennin himself revives thanks a nuclear explosion )
  • Commissar Bakunin J.R
  • Political Comissar
  • Siberian Dawn
  • The Soviet Hammer

We expect more red comrades join our forces !!!

You can see us in Union. We search good time, good roleplaying and Soviets heroes.

Thanks a lot for your words and support.

For mother Russia,

Siberian Dawn

28 Nov 2006

A Soviet supergroup in town !!!!

Hello City of Heroes’ fandom. I represent a group of spanish people new in the game but we don’t waste our time and we create a new concept of supergroup …. our characters represents superheroes of the former-soviet block, heroes of the past cold war.

We invite to all to make your designs and to join our adventures. We pretend to create an official supergroup soon and we need your imagination … your creations. We play at Union … our names …. RED OKTOBER …. The Soviet Hammer …. Siberian Dawn …. The Political Comissar.

We don’t pretend to ofend anybody, we only wants a good time and a good role-playing game.

Thanks for you attencion. See you in action at Paragon and good luck.

Your Comrade,

Siberian Dawn

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City of Heroes (CoH) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing computer game based on the superhero comic book genre. In the game, players create superhero player characters that can team up with others to complete missions and fight villains belonging to various gangs and organizations in Paragon City and its surrounding areas.

City of Heroes es el primer juego de rol multijugador masivo con superhéroes. Cada jugador diseña su propio héroe, y puede enfrentarse solo o con otros jugadores a una gran variedad de villanos.

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