20 Jan 2007

Secret Origin of Siberian Dawn ( Part 2 )

The communist party tried to follow with the work of Yura but it was impossible, since by fear to the foreign espionage the doctor had codified it and the key died with him.
To the three created supersoldiers (Red Oktober, Siberian Dawn and Soviet Hammer) joined an agent of the KGB with a great level of ESP, The Political Comissar.

The Network Men had been born. During 14 years they fought against the foreign interference, the espionage and the capitalist supermen like the Major Manhattan, the Patriots of Texas, the Allies and the first incarnation of Euroforce.

Also during those years of glorious victories and some shameful defeat, many faithfuls communist with superhuman abilities were united to of Red Men’s cause:

  • The glorious first Sputnik Star, a space pilot of the project Mercury who acquired powers thanks to cosmic rays.
  • As Red as Blood, spy master.
  • T-34, the one man Red Army.
  • Ural, the magic defender of Soviet mounts with the resistance of the same mountain.
  • Baba Yaga, inmortal russian wizard whom betrayed the group by his anxieties of power.
  • Red Vanguard, the Soviet Superman.

At 70’s, the soviet government in decay decided to end the group, since the project was left without confidence nor subencion. The original members were victims of a trap and were congealed in a cryogenic camera forgotten with the passage the years.

They rested there until Lenin, revived thanks to the nuclear power of Chernobil, investigated on the Orzhov project and found the vault where these four heroes rested. He revived and gave a new mission to them, adapted to the new times, to fight by the Red ideals in Paragon City.

Siberian Dawn and his comrades returned to the Final Stand !!! The Ultimate Soviet has born !!!!!

18 Jan 2007

Comrade Bro KIA

Komrades…. yesterday was a sad day.

In a mission in steel canyon, when our supergroup was fighting against a huge council army… one of our men was killed in action.

Comrade Bro was a great hero, generous, bold.. a communist in heart and body. He was fighting against a group of councils when a energy shot killed him. He was shot in the back by some tracherous villain, and with a huge blast of energy powerful enough to even damage him… I can´t belive he is dead, his inned red dragon strengh always helped him to avoid shots like that… maybe someone shut it down.

Sadly… That same evening an administrative error expelled him from the supergroup, a silly mistake becouse he should have been promoted to liteunat becouse he discovered where our lost komrades where hold. That caused him to lose his health-teleporter so he couldn´t be teleported to hospital fast enough.

My nuclear heart suffers, he was a great man and a greater hero. We don´t know who killed him… but we have the pulse signature of the energy weapon and we will look for the killer.

Sadly he couldn´t write down his investigation about who kidnapped and incarcelated our komrades… that will remain a mistery.

As soon as we discover something, all of you will be informed.

Long live kommunist!!!
Long live komrade bro!!!

Comrade Lenin

New Times .... New Red Fight !!!

Greetings comrades !!!

This is an official notice of the honorary lieutenant of the missing Red Army, Lt. Revolution Kid:

“We are last generation of heroes of the Communist Party. We are the legacy of the Project Orzhov 3. Last patriotic of the Mother Land choose us to help the communist efforts here, in Paragon City.

We are proud of our veteran comrades, Ultimate Soviet, who fight day to day in this city of crazy people by a high ideal. We must a respect to them and we will collaborate in all the possible.

We display our respect to the comrade fallen in the fight, Comrade Bro. Any fallen comrade is one step back in the final victory.

We announce that its absence will be replaced by the presence of a new allied group. Sptunik Star and me, Revolution Kid will increase our efforts to the fight. Teen Reed Titans will fight !!!. We want animate all patriotic ones that can contribute something to our efforts that join to our small communist club: Teen Red Titans.

Sptunik Star is grandson of the famous, first Sptunik Star, Nicolai Tachenko.And i am, Revolution Kid, the definitive manowar.

New times .... a new style of Red Fight !!!. "

H.Lt. Revolution Kidd.

16 Jan 2007

Secret Origin of Siberian Dawn ( Part 1 )

In the 60s communist government of the CCCP attend to the North American birth of a great amount of superheroes. This supposed a great preoccupation to sovietic’s leaders that looked for a sooner solution to balance the situation.

The CCCP joined under the name of Orzhov Project the best scients of the age. Its intention was simple, the creation of the first generation of soviet superheroes.

One of those scients was Yura Stolivnaya. She was during years the head of the project.
He discovered the Orzhov’s gas. In the correct amount it increased the capacities physical and mental of the volunteers of the project, most came from the army. There were five years of development, many died or developed diseases by the gas , only three seemed to have superhuman capacities.

Natacha Stolivnaya, daughter of Yura and lieutenant of the Red Army, were one of the three, its powers consisted of the control of the cold one. Her code name was Siberian Dawn.

With the young general of Red Army, Basili Ivanovich, whose code name was Red Oktober and the sergeant, Olympic champion of fighting, Sergei Litnenko, code name Soviet Hammer, was the first generation of Soviet supermen.

The metering of the gas seemed clarified by its creator but before beginning of the second phase of the Orzhov project, it was assassinated in strange circumstances.


15 Jan 2007

Four New members: Camarada NKVD, Glastnov, As RED as Blood & Natasha Lennin

Our SG is growing with four new members: Camarada NKVD, Glastnov, As RED as Blood and Natasha Lennin.

Paragon city is safer now!

Secret Origin of Siberian Bear

Well soviet komrades I am back, the bars could not contain the bear for too long.

I was left in a cell for a few days, I took stock of my life.

Of when I was a young boy in Moscow scavenging for food due to the touch of the Cold War!!

Of when i become teanager and joined the red army, becoming the best that the army had to offer. I was introduced to an assassination speacialist squad called lenins omegas! We represented the Red Army's final defence...

Against any odds me and my komrades would be the end of all adversity, no mission was too challenging, until we were sent on a mission to locate the kapatalist skums espionage unit that were infiltrating the Kremlin. We were in pursuit of several agents in the premises, they were high tailing it to there evacuation point. Me and my men were upon them when one of there crew leapt down from the chopper and nova blasted the whole team, they had caught us, and whole of soviet by suprise.

They had escaped with stolen information, all my men were dead, I clung to life by a thread, and was rushed to the hospital...

AAARRRGGGHHHHH.. My memory still burns with the torment of my initial failure. The only way the speacialist doctors could save me were to encase me in the thermo nuclear soviet goverment funded hydrolic bionic bear exo-skeleton.

At this point in my cell I remebered I must be free again to join my komrades in there fight against kapatalism in Paragon!! I used frost on the bars of my cell... they turned crisp and frail like ice. I smashed them with my ice fists and made my escape.

I am back komrades and look forward to hearing your origins and motivations...


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