30 Jun 2008

New Member/Nuevo Miembro: Captain Red Star

A new komrade has joined us in Paragon: Captain Red Star, a brave kosmonaut with several medals.

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Un nuevo camarada se ha unido a nosotros en Paragon: Captain Red Star, un valiente cosmonauta varias veces condecorado.

28 Jun 2008

Mission: Protect Russian Ambassador / Misión: Proteger al Embajador Ruso

Yesterday Ultimate Soviets rescued the Russian Ambassador, Yasha Kristovitch, from a terrorist group called the "Knives of Artemis". The Knives of Artemis is an all-female mercenary group, and has a reputation as one of the deadliest paramilitary groups in the world, but they were no rivals for the power of the Soviet!

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Ayer los Ultimate Soviets rescataron al embajador ruso, Yasha Kristovitch, de las garras de un grupo terrorista llamado los "Cuchillos de Artemis". Los Cuchillos de Artemis es un grupo mercenario enteramente femenino, con la reputación de ser uno de los grupos paramilitares más peligrosos del mundo, ¡pero no fueron rivales ante el poder del Soviet!

27 Jun 2008

Hero Summer Games - A Point To Proove

Level 50 Arena Battle! / ¡Batalla nivel 50 en la Arena!

Date: June 29th
Time: 7pm UK time

Information: This will be an arena match in pocket D. The only restrictions will be:
  • Endurance at max
  • No Temp powers
If you feel like you have a point to proove that you can hold your own against fellow heroes, then come join this level 50 free for all. Battles will be fast and frantic so everybody has a chance of making a difference!


1st place = 100 million influence
2nd place = 75 million influence
3rd place = 50 million influence

More info: CoH Official Forums

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Fecha: 29 Junio
Hora: 8pm hora España

Informacion: Será un enfrentamiento en la arena de pocket D. Las únicas restricciones serán:
  • Endurance al máximo
  • Sin poderes Temporales
Si crees que eres capaz de aguantar el tipo ante tus camaradas héroes, entonces únete aeste evento abierto de nivel 50. ¡Las peleas serán tan rápidas y frenéticas que cualquiera tiene la oportunidad de marcar la diferencia!


1er lugar = 100 millones influencia
2o lugar = 75 millones influencia
3er lugar = 50 millones influencia

Más información: CoH Official Forums

25 Jun 2008

Heroe of the Soviet/Héroe del Soviet: Wassili Lysenko

Paragon City is full of true heroes. People Heroes. SOVIET Heroes. Not all of them are members of our SG. Today we have Wassili Lysenko, a hero from the russian tundra.

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Paragon City está llena de verdaderos héroes. Héroes del Pueblo. Héroes del SOVIET. No todos son miembros de nuestro SG. Hoy tenemos a Wassili Lysenko, un héroe de la tundra rusa.

24 Jun 2008

Patch Notes - 24 June 2008 / Notas del parche 24 Junio 2008

Release Notes for Build 17.20080612.1T



  • Circle of Thorns Behemoth Invincibility toned down slightly. It now provides roughly 8% defense per target.

  • Corrected animation time issues with Drain Psyche and Energy Absorption.

  • Fixed a minor delay for the hit effects/damage on Martial Arts - Crippling Axe Kick

  • Willpower / Rise to the Challenge will now root the player while activating. This was done to ensure it follows the same rules as other toggle powers.

  • The animation used by Spine Burst and Thorn Burst will no longer prevent the next attack animation from playing.
User Commands
  • Added /sync command which attempts to get the client and server back in sync when the client allows movement but it isn't reflected on the server. (When out of sync, the player will be able to move around, but cannot see other players or NPCs, and other players cannot see them).



  • Blasters / Defiance - Found a bug in the formula used for calculating Blaster Defiance buffs. The following powers have been altered as listed:
    • Fistful of Arrows (slightly weaker)

    • Rain of Arrows (slightly stronger)

    • Zapp (slightly stronger

    • Power Burst (stronger)

    • Bitter Freeze Ray (slightly stronger)

    • Shout (stronger)



  • Corruptor / Electric Blast / Voltaic Sentinel - Corruptor version of Voltaic Sentinel now benefits from Enhancements.
  • Dominator / Electric Assault / Thunder Strike: This power should no longer accept endurance modification sets.
  • Fixed Stealth Suppression from Assassination Attacks
  • Weapon customization: Rularuu bow should now be obtainable by Villains

22 Jun 2008

Political Commissar: Level 50 / Nivel 50

Our comrade Political Commissar is now level 50. Congratulations!

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Nuestra camarada Political Commissar ya es de nivel 50. ¡Felicidades!

21 Jun 2008

New Member/Nuevo Miembro: Lord Phaeton

In his last raid against the evil Rikti, Ultimate Soviets rescued a new ally: Lord Phaeton, an alien for a far planet conquered by the Rikti. Welcome!

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En su última incursión contra los malvados Riktis, Ultimate Soviets rescató a un nuevo aliado: Lord Phaeton, un extraterrestre de un lejano planeta conquistado por los Riktis. ¡Bienvenido!

17 Jun 2008

Patch Notes - 17 June 2008 / Notas del parche 17 Junio 2008


  • Accolade / Portable Workbench accolade will no longer summon a Workbench in PVP areas.
  • Dual Blades / One Thousand Cuts: Corrected this power’s cast time from being 2.43 seconds to 3.30 seconds.
  • (Katana or Ninja Blade) / Sting of the Wasp animation once again returns to the two handed Katana Ready cycle after it completes
  • Earth Control / Earthquake: Now accepts To Hit Debuff Enhancements and IO sets
  • Some NPC weapons have been flipped back to their proper orientation
  • Fixed transparency and colour for several powers icons
  • Powers which accept Defense IO sets now accept “Defense Sets” rather than “defense” -- text fix.
  • Changed animations for Martial Arts attacks to help improve performance. New animation times are as follows:
    • Thunder Kick 0.83
    • Storm Kick 0.83
    • Cobra Strike 1.67
    • Crane Kick 1.67
    • Crippling Axe Kick 1.60
    • Dragons Tail 1.50
    • Eagles Claw 2.53
City Zones
  • Cimerora: Fixed a hole near the Castellum bridge that allowed players to teleport under the world
  • Cimerora: Fixed hole in Vespillo Pass that allowed players to teleport outside the map boundaries
Tailor (Character Creation / ICON / Facemaker)
  • Change Shoulder category UI to reorder categories and clean up the list
  • Change in Belt category UI to reorder categories and clean up the list
  • Corrected short help text on Trap of the Hunter: Immobilize/Endurance Reduction IO enhancement. It no longer states it improves Damage.
User Interface
  • Fixed the bug where tooltips displayed too small.
  • Some pets summoned through control sets weren’t showing an icon in their buff tray, this has been corrected. All Tier 9 summoned pets should now have a buff icon.
  • Fixed a display problem with the map compass in Cimerora.
Trial Accounts
  • Trial Account restrictions implemented:
    • Trial Accounts cannot email other players
    • Trial Accounts may not level past 13
  • Trial Accounts can only have 50k influence
  • Trial Accounts can only speak in
    1. /local
    2. /help
    3. /team
  • Trial Accounts cannot invite players to team
    1. Trial Accounts may join teams, but not invite other players
    2. Trial Accounts may not join SuperGroups.


Powers Blaster
  • Psionic Blast / Psionic Dart: This power will now have a unique icon, it should no longer be the same as Mental Blast
  • Fire Manipulation / Burn: This power’s icon should now match the colour scheme of the other powers in the set.
  • Fiery Aura / Consume: Power was incorrectly taking Knockback Sets instead of Endurance Modification sets. This has been corrected.
  • Fiery Aura Consume now accepts Endurance Modification IO Sets, and no longer accepts Taunt Enhancements.
  • Fiery Melee attacks no longer state they can accept Taunt IO sets.
  • Dark Armor / Oppressive Gloom and Cloak of Fear no longer accept Taunt enhancements.
  • Dark Melee attacks now accept Taunt Enhancements and Sets.


Powers Arachnos Widow
  • Widow Training / Strike: Corrected Widow Strike power. It was separating damage into 2 packets, instead of a single packet of damage.
  • Dark Melee powers, Shadow Punch, Shadow Maul, and Smite have had power icons corrected for Brutes and Stalkers.
  • Electrical Melee / Chain Induction: Chain Induction jumping effect is now increased by enhancements and fury, and no longer jumps from confused NPCs to players. It also only strikes NPCs it has not previously jumped from. This affects Brute and Stalker versions of the power.
  • Dominator / Earth Control / Earthquake: Now accepts To Hit Debuff Enhancements and IO sets.
  • Mastermind / Thugs / Call Thugs: This power was listing that it accepted knockback enhancements twice. This has been corrected.
  • Dark Melee powers, Shadow Punch, Shadow Maul, and Smite have had power icons corrected for Brutes and Stalkers.
  • Dual Blades / Ablating Strike: Corrected an issue with Stalker Dual Blades Ablating Strike which was causing it to have critical effects against entities not targeted by the power.
  • Electrical Melee attacks no longer accept Taunt Enhancements or IO Sets.
  • Electrical Melee / Chain Induction: Chain Induction jumping effect is now increased by enhancements and fury, and no longer jumps from confused NPCs to players. It also only strikes NPCs it has not previously jumped from. This affects Brute and Stalker versions of the power.
  • Updated the Stalker’s long help text on their Assassination inherent ability to reflect the recent changes to the Stalker archetype.
  • Stalker Demoralize Effect no longer scales by level effects. The debuff and duration is fixed, regardless of the level of the target.
Source: CoH Official Forums

12 Jun 2008

Day of Russia / Dia de Rusia

June 12 is the national day of the Russian Federation - the Day of Russia. It has been celebrated every year since 1994. The First Congress of People's Deputies of the Russian Federation adopted the Declaration on Russia's National Sovereignty on June 12, 1990.

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El 12 de junio es el dia nacional de la Federación Rusa - el Dia de Rusia. Se ha venido celebrando anualmente desde 1994. El Primer Congreso de Representantes del Pueblo de la Federación Rusa adoptó la Declaración de la Soberanía Nacional Rusa el 12 de junio de 1990.

10 Jun 2008


Patch Notes - 10 Jun 2008 / Notas del Parche 10 Junio 2008

Release Notes for Build 17.20080528.1T
Tuesday, June 10, 2008


  • Flight / Hover – Hover animations tweaked some more.
  • Issue 12 Exploration badges should give XP.
  • Trap of the Hunter Acc/Recharge: Corrected the short help for this enhancement to read Acc/Rech and not Acc/Dmg.
  • Corrected short help in Defense and To-Hit Debuff invention origin sets. They should now list that they enhance To-Hit Debuffs and Defense Debuffs instead of To-Hit Buffs and Defense Buffs.
  • Veteran Rewards / 48 month Buff Pet - Altered AI for Veteran Reward Buff Pets. They should be slightly less suicidal.
  • Accolade / Portable Workbench accolade will once again summon a Workbench in non-PVP areas.
  • Fixed improper start location in the Midnighter’s Club mission map as accessed by the Darrin Wade story arc.
Trial Accounts
  • Added a message specific to trial accounts explaining why they can't send emails.


  • Kheldian Dwarves and other critters that share the beast skeleton should play their “Taunt” animation again.
  • Issue 12 Hero Exploration badges now have the correct art.
Powers Scrappers
  • Scrappers / Fire Melee / Cremate now accepts Damage IO sets, instead of Melee AoE IO Sets.
  • Scrappers / Katana - Modified Katana cast times to match new animation times. Most powers are now faster activating.
  • Peacebringer / Combat Flight - Combat Flight now has the correct fly speed modifier of 1 (instead of the 4 it was given during the -Fly protection tests.)
  • Tech. Naylor’s souvenir clues should unlock Rularuu Weapons for the appropriate powersets.


Stalker Update
  • Further tweaks to the class based on data mining and player feedback (and some bug fixes):
    • Stalker Demoralize Effect duration reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.
    • Stalker Demoralize Effect To Hit debuff reduced from 22.5% to 7.5%, but is no longer resistible.
    • Stalker Demoralize Effect Terrorize chance reduced from 30% to 25% per target.
    • Stalker Energy Melee Energy Transfer Self Damage increased from scale 2.5 to scale 3.00. This is due to Stalkers improved Hit Points and damage capability.
    • Sting of the Wasp and Crippling Axe Kick for stalkers will now properly have a chance to crit while not in a Hide state, instead of having a chance to double crit from a Hide state.
    • Vengeful Slice for Stalkers now correctly does Knockdown once again.
Powers Arachnos Soldier
  • Arachnos Soldier / Bane Spider - Fixed Bane spider characters getting an invisible default mace when using a powers respec.
  • Arachnos Soldier / Crab Spider / Longfang - Corrected help text on Crab Spider Longfang.
Arachnos Widow
  • Arachnos Widow / Teamwork / Indomitable Will - Indomitable Will for Widows will no longer gain increased damage resistance when the Widows damage is buffed.
  • Arachnos Widow / Widow Training / Follow Up – “Follow Up” now has a unique animation not shared by “Strike”
  • Arachnos Widow / Widow Training / Follow Up - Matched cast time to new Follow Up animation.
  • Masterminds / Thugs / Call Thugs / Empty Clips: Adjusted this power’s range down to match its radius (it was firing before enemies were within the cone of effect). Also decreased this power’s damage.
  • Masterminds / Thugs / Call Thugs: Corrected typo in the summoned entity’s description.
  • Electric Armor / Static Shield: This power’s icon should no longer disappear after a minute of activity.
  • Alan Desslock now gives a better explanation why you cannot get his final mission from him.
User Interface
  • Shortened display name of Arachnos Soldiers and Widows in target window

Source: CoH Official Forums

6 Jun 2008

Issue #12 Emotes List / Lista de emotes Issue #12

The emotes list has been updated. It includes all emotes up to Issue #12.

Source: Mantid's Animated Emote Guide

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
La lista de emotes ha sido actualizada. Incluye todos los emotes hasta el Issue #12

Fuente: Mantid's Animated Emote Guide

Read this document on Scribd: City of Heroes Emotes List May 2008

What is City Of Heroes? / ¿Qué es City of Heroes?

City of Heroes (CoH) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing computer game based on the superhero comic book genre. In the game, players create superhero player characters that can team up with others to complete missions and fight villains belonging to various gangs and organizations in Paragon City and its surrounding areas.

City of Heroes es el primer juego de rol multijugador masivo con superhéroes. Cada jugador diseña su propio héroe, y puede enfrentarse solo o con otros jugadores a una gran variedad de villanos.

More info/Más información: CoH website
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