18 Jan 2007

Comrade Bro KIA

Komrades…. yesterday was a sad day.

In a mission in steel canyon, when our supergroup was fighting against a huge council army… one of our men was killed in action.

Comrade Bro was a great hero, generous, bold.. a communist in heart and body. He was fighting against a group of councils when a energy shot killed him. He was shot in the back by some tracherous villain, and with a huge blast of energy powerful enough to even damage him… I can´t belive he is dead, his inned red dragon strengh always helped him to avoid shots like that… maybe someone shut it down.

Sadly… That same evening an administrative error expelled him from the supergroup, a silly mistake becouse he should have been promoted to liteunat becouse he discovered where our lost komrades where hold. That caused him to lose his health-teleporter so he couldn´t be teleported to hospital fast enough.

My nuclear heart suffers, he was a great man and a greater hero. We don´t know who killed him… but we have the pulse signature of the energy weapon and we will look for the killer.

Sadly he couldn´t write down his investigation about who kidnapped and incarcelated our komrades… that will remain a mistery.

As soon as we discover something, all of you will be informed.

Long live kommunist!!!
Long live komrade bro!!!

Comrade Lenin

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