22 Mar 2007

Heroes of the Soviet: Soviet Comrade

Paragon City is full of true heroes. People Heroes. SOVIET Heroes. Not all of them are members of our SG. Soviet Comrade is one of them. A true soldier, brave and honest.

Paragon City está llena de verdaderos héroes. Héroes del Pueblo. Héroes del SOVIET. No todos son miembros de nuestro SG. Soviet Comrade es uno de ellos. Un verdadero soldado, valiente y honesto.

12 Mar 2007

Secret Origin of Atomic Comrade


I, The Atomic Comrade, have recently arrived in Paragon City having spent too long at embassy in Washington, where I was stuck as desk to shuffle paper.

I have since heard of Ultimate Soviets on, how you say, "vine-of-grape", upholding spirit of Marx and Lenin in Paragon. I am keen to meet and assist like-minded comrades for as Marx himself said in Communist Manifesto, "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs".

My time as apparatchik in Washington has diminished powers but patrols in Atlas Park slowly bring back old skills, much like riding of bicycle, da? I also keen to meet people who appreciate good vodka and borscht, as my landlord (pah!) not appreciate my nights in apartment drunk and singing Soviet national anthem.


-The Atomic Comrade

1 Mar 2007

New members: Atomic Comrade & Winter Soldier

Our supergroup keeps growing. Two new members have joined in our fight against the capitalist criminals. They are the Atomic Comrade and Winter Soldier.

Welcome to Paragon City!

What is City Of Heroes? / ¿Qué es City of Heroes?

City of Heroes (CoH) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing computer game based on the superhero comic book genre. In the game, players create superhero player characters that can team up with others to complete missions and fight villains belonging to various gangs and organizations in Paragon City and its surrounding areas.

City of Heroes es el primer juego de rol multijugador masivo con superhéroes. Cada jugador diseña su propio héroe, y puede enfrentarse solo o con otros jugadores a una gran variedad de villanos.

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