30 Dec 2006

A new member: Comrade Bro

A great and Red salute for all brothers !!!

My name's Comrade Bro ... an ex-KGB undercover agent that now serves the comunist movement in Paragon. I was been fighting to our ideals for one month here, always at the streets, where the action is, brothers !!!

My many contacts has reported me that something strange is going on our soviet supergroup.

I need help my brothers commies ... Lt. Siberian Dawn and Soviet Hammer has dissapeared fron the city and noone know nothing about them.

There're a rumours about a real real secret base (where only a few can enter) and I have proofs of some kind of contacts between a Ultimate Soviet's member with an capitalist activist called Dallas.

There're too many risk for me brothers ... i need your support, i pretend to infiltrate onto this secret base. Join me !!! Together we can discover who is behind all these misteries !!!!

Comrade Bro ( always on the run !!! )

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