31 May 2007

Pravda News

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Trapped Citizens Rescued / Rescate de Ciudadanos Atrapados

Ultimate Soviets had to test its new reinforcements in a dangerous mission: to rescue trapped citizens. And the results were astounding! A new victory for the Heroes of the People!

Ultimate Soviets tuvieron que probar sus nuevos refuerzos en una peligrosa misión: un rescate de ciudadanos atrapados. ¡Y los resultados fueron formidables! ¡Una nueva victoria de los Héroes del Pueblo!

28 May 2007

Heroes of the Soviet/Héroes del Soviet: Red Commissar

Paragon City is full of true heroes. People Heroes. SOVIET Heroes. Not all of them are members of our SG. The most famous of them is Captain Andrei Arkady Dovshoshinki, better known in Paragon City as Red Commissar.

Paragon City está llena de verdaderos héroes. Héroes del Pueblo. Héroes del SOVIET. No todos son miembros de nuestro SG. El más famoso de ellos es el Capitán Andrei Arkady Dovshoshinki, más conocido en Paragon City como Red Commissar.

27 May 2007

New Members/Nuevos Miembros: Supreme Ankhar, Kring, El Tripode Doloroso, El Hispano & Llama Abisal

Yesterday five new heroes joined us. One from Cambodia, Supreme Ankhar, and four from Paragon City, Kring, El Tripode Doloroso, El Hispano and Llama Abisal.

Our fight continues!

Ayer cinco nuevos héroes se unieron a nosotros. Uno procedente de Camboya, Supreme Ankhar, y cuatro de Paragon City, Kring, El Tripode Doloroso, El Hispano y Llama Abisal.

¡Nuestra lucha continua!

13 May 2007


Pravda News

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Temporal Powers & Temporal Fools / Poderes temprales y ridículos temporales

Not all Temporal Powers are good. Camarada Bakunin JR discovered this awful truth yesterday. That costume could be very powerful, but it doesn't fit in the Red Army costume rules.


No todos los Poderes Temporales son buenos. Camarada Bakunin JR descubrió esta fea verdad ayer. Este traje puede que sea muy poderoso, pero no cumple las normas de vestimenta del Ejército Rojo.

11 May 2007

1945 Victory Parade in Color

Part 1 - Translation: 24th of June 1945. Here, at the walls of the Sacred Kremlin, the country met its children, that came back with Victory. The Heroes of unprecedented battles on all fronts of the Great Patriotic War: from the Barents Sea to the Black sea. The summary regiments. Here are those who boosted Dnepr and Oder, who took the snowy Carpathian crossings. Who brought back freedom to Kiev and Minsk, who freed Sevastopol and Odessa, who fought in the streets of Budapest, Keninsberg, Vienna and who raised the Banner of our Victory above Berlin. The 200 banners of the defeated Hitler armies are at the feet of the winners. The tribunes are being filled with guests: Deputies of the Supreme Council of USSR, participants of anniversary celebrations of the academy of sciences, Generals, Heroes of the Soviet Union, Masters of culture, Stakhanovites of Moscow factories and plants. 9 hours 55 minutes in the morning. On the tribune of the Mausoleum Comrade Stalin, Leaders of the Party and members of USSR government. Soviet Union Marshal Rokosovky is controlling the Parade. Marshal Zhukov is greeting the Parade.

Part 2 - Translation: From tribune of the Mausoleum, Marshal of the Soviet Union, Zhukov made a speech to the troops of the Red Army, to the workers, to collective farmers, the intelligence, to all workers of the Soviet Union: "The Great Patriotic War is over! We achieved a Victory over the Fascist Germany which history never knew before! We were victorious because we were lead to Victory by our Great Leader and Brilliant General, Marshal of the Soviet Union - Stalin!" Victorious Soldiers carried past the mausoleum their combat banners, blessed by the immortal fame of numerous victories. The best people of the front: pilots, tankers, cavalrymen, infantrymen. Russian infantry, the descendants of the Suvorov Eagles. They persistently beat enemy, to the end, according to all the rules of the Stalin Warfare science.

Part 3 - Translation: Summary column of the Navy. Defenders of Odessa, participants in the heroic defense of Sevastopol - the city of Immortal Fame. Baltic Commanders, which destroyed German divisions near the walls of Leningrad. The Divisions of the Moscow garrison passed along with the summary front troops. The Parade of Military Tech opens with the regiments of air defense. In the Weary Nights of the first stage of the War, they guarded the sacred sky of Moscow.

Part 4 - Translation: Soviet artillery - the best artillery in the world! It swept from face of the planet the ferroconcrete fortifications of the enemy, it grinded into dust the fronts of Keninsberg and Poznan, the rumble of its guns will be forever remembered by the devastated Berlin. Soviet tanks - a force which the famous German technology couldn't withstand. The Victory Parade is a bright demonstration of the heroic path of our people, passed under great Stalin's leadership.

9 May 2007

List of emotes/ Lista de emotes

With the new issues, lots of emotes have been added to the game. The last ones are:

Con los nuevos issues, se han añadido muchos emotes al juego. Los últimos son:


This updated list will help you to keep them all together, soviet brothers. All in one page, ready to print & use. You can find the list here:

Esta lista actualizada os ayudará a tenerlos todos juntos, hermanos soviéticos. Todos en una sola página, listos para imprimir y usar. Puedes encontrar la lista aquí:

List of Emotes - May 2007 / Lista de Emotes - Mayo 2007 (PDF)

8 May 2007

Russia pays tribute to over 20 million people killed in Great Patriotic War

In memory of those heroes killed during the Great Patriotic War, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin laid flowers and wreaths to the Tomb of the Unknown Solder in the morning of May 8. Putin paid tribute, a moment of silence, to all those who died in the war.

En memoria de los héroes muertos durante la Gran Guerra Patriótica, el Presidente de Rusia Vladimir Putin hizo una ofrenda floral en la Tumba del Soldado Desconocido en la mañana del 8 de Mayo. Putin hizo un minuto de silencio como tributo a todos aquellos que murieron en la guerra.

(Read more / Leer más)

As a bonus, the video "They Were Heroes - Russian Red Army during WWII"

Y además, el vídeo "Ellos fueron Héroes - Ejército Rojo de Rusia durante la 2ª Guerra Mundial"


7 May 2007

New Members/Nuevos Miembros: Afro-man & Power Woman

The soviet revolution spreads in Paragon City! Two heroes from the city, Afro-man and Power-Woman, have embraced the ways of communism.

Welcome brothers!

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¡La revolución soviética se extiende por Paragon City! Dos héroes de la ciudad, Afro-Man y Power-Woman, han abrazado el comunismo.

¡Bienvenidos, hermanos!

2 May 2007

Issue #9: Breakthrough

The European City of Heroes and Villains servers have been updated with Issue #9: Breakthrough. Issue #9 introduces the Invention system, Consignment Markets, Statesman Task Force, newly evolved Hamidon encounter and more.

More information in CoH Website and Boomtown.


Los servidores europeos de City of Heores y Villains han sido actualizados al Issue #9: Breakthrough. El Issue #9 introduce el sistema de Invención, los Mercados de Mercancías, la Task Force de Statesnab, el encuentro con el Hamidon nuevamente evolucionado y más.

Mas información en CoH Website y en Boomtown.

What is City Of Heroes? / ¿Qué es City of Heroes?

City of Heroes (CoH) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing computer game based on the superhero comic book genre. In the game, players create superhero player characters that can team up with others to complete missions and fight villains belonging to various gangs and organizations in Paragon City and its surrounding areas.

City of Heroes es el primer juego de rol multijugador masivo con superhéroes. Cada jugador diseña su propio héroe, y puede enfrentarse solo o con otros jugadores a una gran variedad de villanos.

More info/Más información: CoH website
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