18 Jan 2007

New Times .... New Red Fight !!!

Greetings comrades !!!

This is an official notice of the honorary lieutenant of the missing Red Army, Lt. Revolution Kid:

“We are last generation of heroes of the Communist Party. We are the legacy of the Project Orzhov 3. Last patriotic of the Mother Land choose us to help the communist efforts here, in Paragon City.

We are proud of our veteran comrades, Ultimate Soviet, who fight day to day in this city of crazy people by a high ideal. We must a respect to them and we will collaborate in all the possible.

We display our respect to the comrade fallen in the fight, Comrade Bro. Any fallen comrade is one step back in the final victory.

We announce that its absence will be replaced by the presence of a new allied group. Sptunik Star and me, Revolution Kid will increase our efforts to the fight. Teen Reed Titans will fight !!!. We want animate all patriotic ones that can contribute something to our efforts that join to our small communist club: Teen Red Titans.

Sptunik Star is grandson of the famous, first Sptunik Star, Nicolai Tachenko.And i am, Revolution Kid, the definitive manowar.

New times .... a new style of Red Fight !!!. "

H.Lt. Revolution Kidd.

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