20 Jan 2007

Secret Origin of Siberian Dawn ( Part 2 )

The communist party tried to follow with the work of Yura but it was impossible, since by fear to the foreign espionage the doctor had codified it and the key died with him.
To the three created supersoldiers (Red Oktober, Siberian Dawn and Soviet Hammer) joined an agent of the KGB with a great level of ESP, The Political Comissar.

The Network Men had been born. During 14 years they fought against the foreign interference, the espionage and the capitalist supermen like the Major Manhattan, the Patriots of Texas, the Allies and the first incarnation of Euroforce.

Also during those years of glorious victories and some shameful defeat, many faithfuls communist with superhuman abilities were united to of Red Men’s cause:

  • The glorious first Sputnik Star, a space pilot of the project Mercury who acquired powers thanks to cosmic rays.
  • As Red as Blood, spy master.
  • T-34, the one man Red Army.
  • Ural, the magic defender of Soviet mounts with the resistance of the same mountain.
  • Baba Yaga, inmortal russian wizard whom betrayed the group by his anxieties of power.
  • Red Vanguard, the Soviet Superman.

At 70’s, the soviet government in decay decided to end the group, since the project was left without confidence nor subencion. The original members were victims of a trap and were congealed in a cryogenic camera forgotten with the passage the years.

They rested there until Lenin, revived thanks to the nuclear power of Chernobil, investigated on the Orzhov project and found the vault where these four heroes rested. He revived and gave a new mission to them, adapted to the new times, to fight by the Red ideals in Paragon City.

Siberian Dawn and his comrades returned to the Final Stand !!! The Ultimate Soviet has born !!!!!

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