27 Sep 2008

Changes in Isue 13 / Cambios en Issue 13

Issue 13 will now be known as Issue 13: Power and Responsibility and will be launched this autumn, including all previously announced features - except Mission Architect - and more: Day Jobs (Offline Character Progression, Multiple Builds, New Powersets (Shields & Pain Domination), Levelling Pact, The Merit Rewards System, Villain Patron Power Respec, Supergroup Base Repricing, PvE and PvP Powers Rebalancing, New Cimerora Missions, new Invention Origin Sets, new Costume Sets, Zone Refinements, etc.

One of the more interestinf features is Multiple Builds, that allows to have two "power modes": solo/team, team/farming, etc.

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Issue 13 será conocido como Issue 13: Power and Responsibility y será lanzado este otoño, incluyendo todas las funcionalidades anunciadas - excepto el Mission Architect - y algunas más: Trabajos diarios (Progresión de personaje Offline), Múltiples Modos, Nuevos Sets de Poderes (Escudos & Dominación del Dolor), Pacto de Nivel, Sistema de Recompensa por Méritos, Villain Patron Power Respec, Nuevos Precios para la Base del Supergrupo, Reequilibrado de Poderes PvE y PvP, Nuevas Misiones en Cimerora, nuevos Invention Origin Sets, nuevo Costume Sets, Refinamientos en las Zonas, etc.

Una de las novedades más interesantes es Múltiples Modos, que te permite tener dos "modos de poder": solitario/ equipo, equipo/farmeo, etc.

23 Sep 2008

Patch Notes - 23 September 2008 / Notas del parche 23 Septiembre 2008

Version 17.20080821.9T4


  • Fixed a number of issues with the Self Destruct power:
    • Powers which change your character’s costume (Halloween Costumes, Granite Armor) are now immediately de-activated if you activate the Self Destruct power.
    • Self Destruction power should now reliably cause you to be defeated when it goes off.
    • Fix for the never-ending camera shake that happens if you zone while the self-destruct power is counting down.
    • Removed extraneous blue dot from explosion F/X
    • Self Destruction power should correctly protect you from debt if you have other sources of Debt Protection.
    • Fixed Self Destruction icon to indicate it is not a ranged attack power
    • Fix for the issue of being defeated and self-rezzing during the countdown causing numerous character bugs

  • Cimerora: Fixed missing ocean in first mission of Imperious Task Force

12 Sep 2008

ANJ - Gorvachov

A story of Gorvachov the barbarian saving Russia (and lots of hot babes) from evil Stalin zombies. Video directed by Tom Stern. 2008

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Una historia del Gorvachov el bárbaro salvando Rusia (y un montón de tías buenas) de los malvados zombies de Stalin. Video dirigido por Tom Stern. 2008

9 Sep 2008

Free / Gratis: Command & Conquer Red Alert

EA is celebrating the 13th anniversary of the Command & Conquer franchise and is giving FREE the game C&C Red Alert in direct download. More details in the C&C Red Alert 3 page. What are you waiting for, komrade??

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EA está celebrando el 13er aniversario de la franquicia Command & Conquer y ha puesto GRATIS el juego C&C Red Alert en descarga directa. Más detalles en la página de C&C Red Alert 3. ¿¿A qué esperas, kamarada??

What is City Of Heroes? / ¿Qué es City of Heroes?

City of Heroes (CoH) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing computer game based on the superhero comic book genre. In the game, players create superhero player characters that can team up with others to complete missions and fight villains belonging to various gangs and organizations in Paragon City and its surrounding areas.

City of Heroes es el primer juego de rol multijugador masivo con superhéroes. Cada jugador diseña su propio héroe, y puede enfrentarse solo o con otros jugadores a una gran variedad de villanos.

More info/Más información: CoH website
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