16 Jan 2007

Secret Origin of Siberian Dawn ( Part 1 )

In the 60s communist government of the CCCP attend to the North American birth of a great amount of superheroes. This supposed a great preoccupation to sovietic’s leaders that looked for a sooner solution to balance the situation.

The CCCP joined under the name of Orzhov Project the best scients of the age. Its intention was simple, the creation of the first generation of soviet superheroes.

One of those scients was Yura Stolivnaya. She was during years the head of the project.
He discovered the Orzhov’s gas. In the correct amount it increased the capacities physical and mental of the volunteers of the project, most came from the army. There were five years of development, many died or developed diseases by the gas , only three seemed to have superhuman capacities.

Natacha Stolivnaya, daughter of Yura and lieutenant of the Red Army, were one of the three, its powers consisted of the control of the cold one. Her code name was Siberian Dawn.

With the young general of Red Army, Basili Ivanovich, whose code name was Red Oktober and the sergeant, Olympic champion of fighting, Sergei Litnenko, code name Soviet Hammer, was the first generation of Soviet supermen.

The metering of the gas seemed clarified by its creator but before beginning of the second phase of the Orzhov project, it was assassinated in strange circumstances.


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