27 Jul 2008

New Members/Nuevos Miembros: Oktober Guard, Red Rey, Lady Kalachnikov

This week three new soviet fighters have joined our ranks: Oktober Guard, Red Rey and Lady Kalachnikov. Welcome komrades!

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Esta semana tres nuevos guerreros del soviet se han unido a nosotros: Oktober Guard, Red Rey y Lady Kalachnikov. ¡Bienvenidos kamaradas!

26 Jul 2008

Hero Summer Games: He's a what what of a what what?

Size matters! / ¡El tamaño importa!

Date: 27th July
Time: 7pm UK Time

Information: Hamidon has been spotted in paragon city?! Yes thats right and its up to its finest heroes to take hami down once and for all. Only recently thought of this event due to a number of players saying they missed raids in the memories thread. No actual prizes except for the HO's, just thought it'ld be nice to finally organise one.

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Fecha: 27 Julio
Hora: 8pm hora España

Información: ¿Hamidon ha sido aistado en paragon city! Si, es cierto, y es cosa de los mejores héroes el derrotar a hami de una vez por todas. Este evento fue pensado recientemente por el número de jugadores que decía que se había perdido raids en el hilo de memorias. No hay premio por el HO, sólo piensa que está bien que se organice algo como esto.

24 Jul 2008

DC Universe Online Trailers

E3 2008: Direct Feed Trailer

E3 2008: Sony Conference Trailer

23 Jul 2008

Patch Notes - 23 July 2008 / Notas del parche 23 Julio 2008

Release Notes for 17.20080709.3T2
Wednesday, July 23, 2008


  • Entities which use the “Pet” AI should now cycle through their Ranged attacks, even while in Melee with a Target.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a Supergroup’s progress towards earning SG badges to be lost.

  • Corrected the badge descriptions of Task Force/Strike Force challenge badges that referred to stature level 1 as being 1-15 to be 1-14.

  • Corrected stature level 8 and 9 badge descriptions from erroneously being level 40-44 to 40-45 and from 45-50 to 46-50.

Custom Weapons
  • Rularuu Claws should be available to Female and Huge players who have unlocked them.

  • Custom Roman axes granted by completing the Imperious Task Force should now be properly awarded.

Global Chat
  • Players with Trial accounts will no longer be able to use Global chat channels.

  • Corrected two recipes in the Trap of the Hunter set that stated they granted range or damage. This set grants neither.

  • ToHit Buffs/DeBuff Common IOs should not state they buff or debuff Accuracy any longer, but should properly state that they buff or debuff the “To Hit” chance.

  • Cone Attack Powers – Corrected an issue where Cone Attack powers would not hit moving targets.

  • Animation time for Energy Punch, Stone Fist, Shadow Punch, and Charged Brawl changed from 1.0 second to 0.83 seconds. Activation time changed from 0.57 seconds to 0.83 seconds.

  • Archery / Ranged Shot - Fixed some minor issues with Archery - Ranged Shot’s animation and graphical effects.

  • Brawl - Animation time corrected. Old cast time was 0.67 seconds, and the new cast time is 0.83 seconds.

  • Earth Control / Animate Stone - Replaced Animated Stone’s Stone Hammer Power with a version of Seismic Smash. He now understands how to cycle between powers more effectively.

  • Energy Melee / Energy Transfer - Increased visual impact of Hit graphical effects.

  • Accolade / Portable Workbench - The Portable Workbench should no longer be seen as a viable target for critter attacks.

  • Flurry and Sands of Mu should now play the correct animation while Spines - Quills is active

  • The Lost and Found story arc will now correctly award salvage for players that are significantly higher levels than the mission levels.

User Commands
  • “Synch” Command - Players can now use “/synch” in addition to “/sync” if they are experiencing any synchronization issues with the game servers.

User Interface
  • Character Selection Screen - Corrected a bug where a Renamed character may disappear from the Character Selection screen until the player logs out and logs back in.

  • Character Selection Screen – Corrected a bug where renaming a character moved the character to a different character slot location.


  • Defiance - Corrected the Defiance Buff value granted by secondary power set powers. They should now be back to their previous values.

  • Blaster / Energy Manipulation / Total Focus - Reduced Blaster Energy Manipulation Total Focus Disorient Magnitude from 4 to 3, to bring it in line with other versions of the power.

  • Corrected text in the Firefighter badge.


  • Mastermind / Ninjas / Genin no longer have Archery attacks. “Snap Shot” and “Aimed Shot” have been replaced with “Shuriken” (a second Shuriken throw) and “Explosive Shuriken” attacks.

  • Mastermind / Necromancy / Lich should remain at Range in combat more often now.

21 Jul 2008

CoH + CoV = CoX

There is a reason for the rejoicing in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. It is official - NCsoft has completely merged the two games into one game universe. All current subscribers who only had one of the games (City of Heroes or City of Villains) now have access to the features of both games. Additionally, all City of Heroes and City of Villains games for sale at retail or online will grant access to both games.

More: CoH Official Site

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

¡Paragon City™ y las Rogue Isles™ están de enhorabuena! Ya es oficial: NCsoft® acaba de fusionar completamente City of Heroes® y City of Villains® en un solo universo. Todos los suscriptores actuales que sólo tengan uno de los dos juegos podrán a partir de ahora tener acceso a los escenarios de ambos. Además, todos los juegos de City of Heroes y City of Villains que se adquieran tanto en tiendas como por internet darán acceso a cualquiera de los dos juegos.

Más: El Mundo, La Flecha

18 Jul 2008

Hero Summer Games - Bow before the king/queen!

Show your style! / ¡Que se vea tu estilo!

Date: 20th July
Time: 5pm UK Time

Information: Sure you think your strong because you soloe'd Lusca and threw a snowball at the snowbeast. But what really makes you a hero is if you do so in style. Proove you got that style by entering this costume contest! This will take in the traditional costume contest place, Atlas Park. No level restrictions. No costume restrictions. No Aura restrictions. Use what you got to make yourself the best!

1st place = 130 million influence
2nd place = 80 million influence
3rd place = 30 million influence

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Fecha: 20 de julio
Hora: 6pm hora de España

Información: Seguro que piensas que eres duro porque derrotaste a Lusca en solitario y lanzaste una bola de nieve a la bestia de nieve. Pero lo que te hace un héroe es que lo hagas con estilo. ¡Prueba que tienes ese estilo participando en este concurso de trajes! tendrá lugar en el lugar habitual para los concursos de trajes, Atlas Park. Sin restricciones de nivel. Sin restricciones de traje. Sin restricciones de Aura. ¡Usa todo lo que tengas para ser el mejor!

1er lugar = 130 millones influencia
2o lugar = 90
millones influencia
3er lugar = 30
millones influencia

17 Jul 2008

This weekend is for double XP! / ¡Este fin de semana hay doble XP!

City of Heroes and City of Villains will be giving away double the experience, prestige, influence, & infamy!

Starting on July 18th and continuing through the weekend, both Heroes and Villains will receive twice the value for arresting criminals or pursuing evil deeds.

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¡City of Heroes y City of Villains va a dar el doble de experiencia, prestigio, influencia e infamia!

Empezando el 18 de Julio y por todo el fin de semana, tanto Héroes como Villanos recibirán el doble por arrestar criminales o realizar actos malvados.

16 Jul 2008

10 new members / 10 nuevos miembros

In the last week 10 new komrades have joined our SG: Red Fire, Red Victory, Kommissar Red Grim, Captain Red Flames, Red Burn, Bandera Roja, Red Radiation Heal, Midnight Justice, Red Executioner and Red Matrioska. ¡This is our bigger reinforcement ever! ¡The Red Revolution is expanding in Paragon City!

Superheroes of the World, Unite!

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En la última semana 10 nuevos kamaradas se ha unido a nuestro SG: Red Fire, Red Victory, Kommissar Red Grim, Captain Red Flames, Red Burn, Bandera Roja, Red Radiation Heal, Midnight Justice, Red Executioner and Red Matrioska. ¡Estos son los mayores refuerzos que nunca hemos tenido! ¡La Revolución Roja se extiende por Paragon City!

¡Superhéroes del Mundo, Uníos!

Superteam created! / ¡Creado el superquipo!

Ultimate Soviets now has a SuperTeam! All with the same uniform, all together,living the same adventures. The true comic-book feeling!

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¡Ultimate Soviets ahora tiene un SuperEquipo! Todos con el mismo uniforme, todos juntos viviendo las mismas aventuras. ¡Lo más cercano al comic de verdad!

14 Jul 2008

SG Base Upgraded / Base del SG Mejorada

A few screenshots of the new facilities.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Unas cuantas capturas de pantalla de las nuevas instalaciones.

11 Jul 2008

Hero Summer Games - Skyway City Dash Of Doom!

Time ro RUN!/¡Hora de CORRER!

Date: July 13th
Time: 6pm UK Time

Information: In skyway city heroes who are not above level 6 (note: Your allowed a pool power at that level so choose wisely, swift or stealth?) get to take part in the race of doom. Players will start at a designated starting point on the overpass and have to RUN to the finishing line. Fastest player wins. However paragon police have stated that there has been a high number of clockwork/trolls/lost lately on the bridge and have warned skyway hospital that most heroes will NOT survive it. There will be a number of people watching over this event to make sure no cheating goes on, if it does . . . . your out. Peacebringers/warshades not allowed. All other powers are.

1st place = 100 million influence
2nd place = 50 million influence
3rd place = 25 million influence

More info: CoH Official Forums

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Fecha: 13 de Julio
Time: 7pm hora España

Información: En Skyway City los héroes que no están por encima del nivel 6 (nota: se te permitre un poder de pool a ese nivel, así que elige sabiamente ¿swift o stealth?) pueden tomar parte en la carrera de la fatalidad. Los jugadores empezarán en un punto de partida designado en el paso elevado y tienen que correr a la línea de meta. El jugador más rápido gana. Sin embargo la policía de Paragon ha declarado que se ha habido un elevado número de clockwork/trolls/lost últimamente en el puente y han advertido al hospital de Skyway que la mayoría de héroes no sobrevivirá. Habrá un número de personas vigilando el evento para asegurarse de que no se va a hacer trampa, si lo hacea. . . . estás fuera. Peacebringers/Warshades no se permiten. Todos los demás poderes sí.

1er lugar = 100 millones influencia
2o lugar = 50
millones influencia
3er lugar = 25
millones influencia

Más información: CoH Official Forums

9 Jul 2008

Patch Notes - 9 July 2008 / Notas del parche 9 Julio 2008


  • Lady Jane should act more intelligently in combat situations now.

  • 48 Month Veteran Reward pets should no longer charge into combat. Really.

  • New animation for Super Strength – Punch while flying.

  • Changes to root time for Energy Blast - Power Burst. This does not affect the activation time, it’s just something that was broken when 1st and 2nd tier blaster powers had their Activation times shortened.

  • Dark Armor/Dark Embrace: Corrected the activation text to explain it also adds toxic resistance.

  • Energy Melee / Energy Transfer – Activation time changed from 1.0 seconds to 2.67 seconds. New Animation and Graphical Effects also made.

  • Total Focus: All player versions of Total Focus Disorient Magnitude reduced to 3.

  • All versions of Martial Arts Eagles Claw chance to Disorient a target increased from 75% per attack to 100% per attack.

  • All versions of Martial Arts Storm Kick now have a 5% greater chance to cause a Critical Hit in all cases.

  • FX for Controller and Mastermind Glue Arrow should persist after the initial target’s demise now (the Defender version already had this property.)

  • Dual Blades/Vengeful Strike: Synched this power’s floating numbers to better fit with when the character hits the target.

User Interface
  • Buff Icon Bugs
    • Fixed Buff Icon display issue where Icons would disappear from Allies before the Buff Timer was over.

    • Fixed Buff Icon display issue when Buff Icons would disappear when a teammate (in the same non-instanced zone) logs out of the game.

    • Fixed Buff Icon display issue where team mates Zoning into a mission at different times caused Buffs Icons to disappear

  • Fixed condition for chat ban that would cause players to be banned for excessively long times.

  • Fixed coalition chat name display to display SG name and player name correctly.

  • Fixed a condition where a player could receive messages from a globally ignored player.

  • Defeating Romulus Nictus should correctly award the Roman badge

  • Rularuu weapons now unlocked via Shadow Shard TF badges

Tailor / Custom Weapons
  • The Rulaaru claws should now be unlockable

  • Bowstring on Talsorian bow should now stay attached to the bow


  • Scrapper Martial Arts Dragons Tail: Damage and Endurance cost were slightly too low. These have been adjusted.

  • Defender Vigilance will no longer increase the Defenders endurance costs when grouped with team mates with greater than normal Health values.

  • Fixed an issue with Tanker Dark Melee and Dual Blades powersets which allowed “Chance to” enhancements affect areas of effect, rather than just the target of the attack.

  • Dual Blades/Vengeful Strike: Added PvP Knockdown suppression to this power for both Scrappers and Tankers.

  • Safeguard Missions: Burning Daemon should now always spawn at the appropriate level for the mission he is in.

  • Gordon Stacy now assigns the second mission in his story arc again.


  • Stalker/Electrical Melee/Thunder Strike: This power should now accept PBAoE damage sets.

  • Brute/Dark Armor/Dark Regeneration: This power should now accept taunt enhancements and enhancement sets.

  • Brute/Dark Melee/Touch of Fear: This power should now accept taunt enhancements and enhancement sets.

  • Changed “%”to “percent” in the Stalker/Assassination inherent ability. Some players were experiencing some information to be displayed incorrectly because of the % sign.

  • Energy Assault - PowerBurst now using Red FX

  • Mercenaries/Serum: Fixed a typo in this power.

  • Added Taunt Enhancement ability to Brute Dark Melee Touch of Fear and Dark Armor Dark Regeneration.

  • Trick Arrow powers should no longer cause weapon redraw issues with Archery or Ninja Mastermind bow powers.

  • Bane Spider Cone attacks did not have a max number of targets defined. This has been corrected.

  • Shortened the time between the activation and effect for Crab Spider Training – Serum

  • Widow Teamwork - Placate should no longer cause redraw with Widow claw powers.

Veteran Rewards
  • Fixed typo in villain veteran granted title from “Vengful” to “Vengeful”

What is City Of Heroes? / ¿Qué es City of Heroes?

City of Heroes (CoH) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing computer game based on the superhero comic book genre. In the game, players create superhero player characters that can team up with others to complete missions and fight villains belonging to various gangs and organizations in Paragon City and its surrounding areas.

City of Heroes es el primer juego de rol multijugador masivo con superhéroes. Cada jugador diseña su propio héroe, y puede enfrentarse solo o con otros jugadores a una gran variedad de villanos.

More info/Más información: CoH website
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