2 Dec 2006


Last night the People’s defenders receives reinforcements. A new strong soldier, Siberian Bear, has joined the Red Revolution. Thanks comrade for you support, with your strenght we’ll be invincible.

After a risky and dangerous mission at Hollows in that the People’s favorites defeat a bunch of dangerous mutants, Comrade Lenin founded the first commie Supergroup, “Supreme Soviet “.

Your comrades, General Red Oktober, Political Comissar and The Siberian Bear join him and promises to serve the Marxist-Leninist ideas.

But Lieutenant Siberian Dawn and Sargeant Soviet Hammer not join this iniciative. Dissension at the Red files.

Comrade Lenin declares the traitors as fugitive and offers a reward for the ” good patriot ” that catch this capitalist scum.

Dark times for this couple, brothers of the Revolution !!!!

We continues to inform you.

The fights continues, comrades !!!!

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