9 Jul 2008

Patch Notes - 9 July 2008 / Notas del parche 9 Julio 2008


  • Lady Jane should act more intelligently in combat situations now.

  • 48 Month Veteran Reward pets should no longer charge into combat. Really.

  • New animation for Super Strength – Punch while flying.

  • Changes to root time for Energy Blast - Power Burst. This does not affect the activation time, it’s just something that was broken when 1st and 2nd tier blaster powers had their Activation times shortened.

  • Dark Armor/Dark Embrace: Corrected the activation text to explain it also adds toxic resistance.

  • Energy Melee / Energy Transfer – Activation time changed from 1.0 seconds to 2.67 seconds. New Animation and Graphical Effects also made.

  • Total Focus: All player versions of Total Focus Disorient Magnitude reduced to 3.

  • All versions of Martial Arts Eagles Claw chance to Disorient a target increased from 75% per attack to 100% per attack.

  • All versions of Martial Arts Storm Kick now have a 5% greater chance to cause a Critical Hit in all cases.

  • FX for Controller and Mastermind Glue Arrow should persist after the initial target’s demise now (the Defender version already had this property.)

  • Dual Blades/Vengeful Strike: Synched this power’s floating numbers to better fit with when the character hits the target.

User Interface
  • Buff Icon Bugs
    • Fixed Buff Icon display issue where Icons would disappear from Allies before the Buff Timer was over.

    • Fixed Buff Icon display issue when Buff Icons would disappear when a teammate (in the same non-instanced zone) logs out of the game.

    • Fixed Buff Icon display issue where team mates Zoning into a mission at different times caused Buffs Icons to disappear

  • Fixed condition for chat ban that would cause players to be banned for excessively long times.

  • Fixed coalition chat name display to display SG name and player name correctly.

  • Fixed a condition where a player could receive messages from a globally ignored player.

  • Defeating Romulus Nictus should correctly award the Roman badge

  • Rularuu weapons now unlocked via Shadow Shard TF badges

Tailor / Custom Weapons
  • The Rulaaru claws should now be unlockable

  • Bowstring on Talsorian bow should now stay attached to the bow


  • Scrapper Martial Arts Dragons Tail: Damage and Endurance cost were slightly too low. These have been adjusted.

  • Defender Vigilance will no longer increase the Defenders endurance costs when grouped with team mates with greater than normal Health values.

  • Fixed an issue with Tanker Dark Melee and Dual Blades powersets which allowed “Chance to” enhancements affect areas of effect, rather than just the target of the attack.

  • Dual Blades/Vengeful Strike: Added PvP Knockdown suppression to this power for both Scrappers and Tankers.

  • Safeguard Missions: Burning Daemon should now always spawn at the appropriate level for the mission he is in.

  • Gordon Stacy now assigns the second mission in his story arc again.


  • Stalker/Electrical Melee/Thunder Strike: This power should now accept PBAoE damage sets.

  • Brute/Dark Armor/Dark Regeneration: This power should now accept taunt enhancements and enhancement sets.

  • Brute/Dark Melee/Touch of Fear: This power should now accept taunt enhancements and enhancement sets.

  • Changed “%”to “percent” in the Stalker/Assassination inherent ability. Some players were experiencing some information to be displayed incorrectly because of the % sign.

  • Energy Assault - PowerBurst now using Red FX

  • Mercenaries/Serum: Fixed a typo in this power.

  • Added Taunt Enhancement ability to Brute Dark Melee Touch of Fear and Dark Armor Dark Regeneration.

  • Trick Arrow powers should no longer cause weapon redraw issues with Archery or Ninja Mastermind bow powers.

  • Bane Spider Cone attacks did not have a max number of targets defined. This has been corrected.

  • Shortened the time between the activation and effect for Crab Spider Training – Serum

  • Widow Teamwork - Placate should no longer cause redraw with Widow claw powers.

Veteran Rewards
  • Fixed typo in villain veteran granted title from “Vengful” to “Vengeful”

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