23 Jul 2008

Patch Notes - 23 July 2008 / Notas del parche 23 Julio 2008

Release Notes for 17.20080709.3T2
Wednesday, July 23, 2008


  • Entities which use the “Pet” AI should now cycle through their Ranged attacks, even while in Melee with a Target.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a Supergroup’s progress towards earning SG badges to be lost.

  • Corrected the badge descriptions of Task Force/Strike Force challenge badges that referred to stature level 1 as being 1-15 to be 1-14.

  • Corrected stature level 8 and 9 badge descriptions from erroneously being level 40-44 to 40-45 and from 45-50 to 46-50.

Custom Weapons
  • Rularuu Claws should be available to Female and Huge players who have unlocked them.

  • Custom Roman axes granted by completing the Imperious Task Force should now be properly awarded.

Global Chat
  • Players with Trial accounts will no longer be able to use Global chat channels.

  • Corrected two recipes in the Trap of the Hunter set that stated they granted range or damage. This set grants neither.

  • ToHit Buffs/DeBuff Common IOs should not state they buff or debuff Accuracy any longer, but should properly state that they buff or debuff the “To Hit” chance.

  • Cone Attack Powers – Corrected an issue where Cone Attack powers would not hit moving targets.

  • Animation time for Energy Punch, Stone Fist, Shadow Punch, and Charged Brawl changed from 1.0 second to 0.83 seconds. Activation time changed from 0.57 seconds to 0.83 seconds.

  • Archery / Ranged Shot - Fixed some minor issues with Archery - Ranged Shot’s animation and graphical effects.

  • Brawl - Animation time corrected. Old cast time was 0.67 seconds, and the new cast time is 0.83 seconds.

  • Earth Control / Animate Stone - Replaced Animated Stone’s Stone Hammer Power with a version of Seismic Smash. He now understands how to cycle between powers more effectively.

  • Energy Melee / Energy Transfer - Increased visual impact of Hit graphical effects.

  • Accolade / Portable Workbench - The Portable Workbench should no longer be seen as a viable target for critter attacks.

  • Flurry and Sands of Mu should now play the correct animation while Spines - Quills is active

  • The Lost and Found story arc will now correctly award salvage for players that are significantly higher levels than the mission levels.

User Commands
  • “Synch” Command - Players can now use “/synch” in addition to “/sync” if they are experiencing any synchronization issues with the game servers.

User Interface
  • Character Selection Screen - Corrected a bug where a Renamed character may disappear from the Character Selection screen until the player logs out and logs back in.

  • Character Selection Screen – Corrected a bug where renaming a character moved the character to a different character slot location.


  • Defiance - Corrected the Defiance Buff value granted by secondary power set powers. They should now be back to their previous values.

  • Blaster / Energy Manipulation / Total Focus - Reduced Blaster Energy Manipulation Total Focus Disorient Magnitude from 4 to 3, to bring it in line with other versions of the power.

  • Corrected text in the Firefighter badge.


  • Mastermind / Ninjas / Genin no longer have Archery attacks. “Snap Shot” and “Aimed Shot” have been replaced with “Shuriken” (a second Shuriken throw) and “Explosive Shuriken” attacks.

  • Mastermind / Necromancy / Lich should remain at Range in combat more often now.

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