10 Jun 2008

Patch Notes - 10 Jun 2008 / Notas del Parche 10 Junio 2008

Release Notes for Build 17.20080528.1T
Tuesday, June 10, 2008


  • Flight / Hover – Hover animations tweaked some more.
  • Issue 12 Exploration badges should give XP.
  • Trap of the Hunter Acc/Recharge: Corrected the short help for this enhancement to read Acc/Rech and not Acc/Dmg.
  • Corrected short help in Defense and To-Hit Debuff invention origin sets. They should now list that they enhance To-Hit Debuffs and Defense Debuffs instead of To-Hit Buffs and Defense Buffs.
  • Veteran Rewards / 48 month Buff Pet - Altered AI for Veteran Reward Buff Pets. They should be slightly less suicidal.
  • Accolade / Portable Workbench accolade will once again summon a Workbench in non-PVP areas.
  • Fixed improper start location in the Midnighter’s Club mission map as accessed by the Darrin Wade story arc.
Trial Accounts
  • Added a message specific to trial accounts explaining why they can't send emails.


  • Kheldian Dwarves and other critters that share the beast skeleton should play their “Taunt” animation again.
  • Issue 12 Hero Exploration badges now have the correct art.
Powers Scrappers
  • Scrappers / Fire Melee / Cremate now accepts Damage IO sets, instead of Melee AoE IO Sets.
  • Scrappers / Katana - Modified Katana cast times to match new animation times. Most powers are now faster activating.
  • Peacebringer / Combat Flight - Combat Flight now has the correct fly speed modifier of 1 (instead of the 4 it was given during the -Fly protection tests.)
  • Tech. Naylor’s souvenir clues should unlock Rularuu Weapons for the appropriate powersets.


Stalker Update
  • Further tweaks to the class based on data mining and player feedback (and some bug fixes):
    • Stalker Demoralize Effect duration reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.
    • Stalker Demoralize Effect To Hit debuff reduced from 22.5% to 7.5%, but is no longer resistible.
    • Stalker Demoralize Effect Terrorize chance reduced from 30% to 25% per target.
    • Stalker Energy Melee Energy Transfer Self Damage increased from scale 2.5 to scale 3.00. This is due to Stalkers improved Hit Points and damage capability.
    • Sting of the Wasp and Crippling Axe Kick for stalkers will now properly have a chance to crit while not in a Hide state, instead of having a chance to double crit from a Hide state.
    • Vengeful Slice for Stalkers now correctly does Knockdown once again.
Powers Arachnos Soldier
  • Arachnos Soldier / Bane Spider - Fixed Bane spider characters getting an invisible default mace when using a powers respec.
  • Arachnos Soldier / Crab Spider / Longfang - Corrected help text on Crab Spider Longfang.
Arachnos Widow
  • Arachnos Widow / Teamwork / Indomitable Will - Indomitable Will for Widows will no longer gain increased damage resistance when the Widows damage is buffed.
  • Arachnos Widow / Widow Training / Follow Up – “Follow Up” now has a unique animation not shared by “Strike”
  • Arachnos Widow / Widow Training / Follow Up - Matched cast time to new Follow Up animation.
  • Masterminds / Thugs / Call Thugs / Empty Clips: Adjusted this power’s range down to match its radius (it was firing before enemies were within the cone of effect). Also decreased this power’s damage.
  • Masterminds / Thugs / Call Thugs: Corrected typo in the summoned entity’s description.
  • Electric Armor / Static Shield: This power’s icon should no longer disappear after a minute of activity.
  • Alan Desslock now gives a better explanation why you cannot get his final mission from him.
User Interface
  • Shortened display name of Arachnos Soldiers and Widows in target window

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