30 Mar 2008

List of New Primary and Secondary Powersets added in Issue 12

  • New Primary - Psychic Blast
  • New Secondary - Mental Manipulation
  • New Primary - Electrical Blast
  • New Secondary - Storm Summoning
  • New Primary - Plant Control
  • New Secondary - Thermal Radiation
  • New Primary - Earth Control
  • New Secondary - Electricity Manipulation
  • New Primary - Cold Domination
  • New Secondary - Ice Blast
  • New Secondary - Storm Summoning
  • New Primary - Battle Axe
  • New Primary - War Mace
  • New Secondary - Super Reflexes
  • New Primary - Electric Melee
  • New Secondary - Electric Armor
  • New Primary - Dark Armor
  • New Secondary - Dark Melee
  • New Primary - Fiery Melee
  • New Secondary - Fiery Aura
Source: Gamezone.com

1 comment:

Ultimate Soviets said...

I, Doctor Brainstorm, have unlocked the secrets of the universe! In the coming weeks you will see a lot of powers used by archetypes who never had access to them before, and I wanted to give you some forewarning of what you can expect/achieve with this new Powerset Proliferation!

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