11 Feb 2008

Soviet Videogames/Videojuegos Soviéticos

This is a soviet blog about a videogame, so this post is a must. Which videogames were played in the old CCCP?

Arcade Games were a part of childhood and youth of soviet people. They were made at the secret military factories from the seventies up to the Perestroika. Forgotten and broken down Soviet-era arcade games are being restored for Moscow’s newest museum and now it is possible to play and feel atmosphere of the passed epoch.

Around 20 of the 37 different kinds of machines are now in working order. They operate with old Soviet 15 kopek coins, the hammer-and-sickle emblem of which itself conjures up a bygone time. Visitors can try their luck with games like ’Sea Battle’, where the player looks through a periscope and pretends to be a submarine commander, attempting to torpedo passing ships. In ’Tankodrom’ the player tries to knock out rocket launchers and jeeps with a small plastic tank. The museum also features Soviet pinball tables, ice-hockey games for two and four players, a target shooting game called ’Sniper’ and early video games with titles like ’Gorodki’ and ’Skachki’ (’horse race’).

More info: Museum of Soviet slot machines, Wired, Pixfans

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Este es un blog soviético sobre un videojuego, así que esta entrada es una obligación. ¿Qué videojuegos se jugaban en la antigua CCCP?

Las Máquinas Recreativ
as llenaron gran parte de la infancia y la juventud del pueblo soviético. Fueron creadas en fábricas secretas militares en los años setenta hasta la Perestroika. Podeis ver estas máquinas; jugar y sentir el ambiente de la gran época en el Museo de Máquinas Recreativas Soviéticas!

Los visitantes pueden probar suerte en el juego "Batalla Naval", dónde el jugador es un capitán de submarino mirando por el periscopio e intenta torpedear los buques enemigos. También podemos encontrar el "Tankodrom" lleno de tanques pequeños, el pinball, el hockey sobre hielo para dos o cuatro jugadores, el "tirador certero" dónde ponemos a prueba nuestra puntería y los primeros videojuegos cómo la "Carrera de caballos".

Más información: Museo de Máquinas recreativas soviéticas, Wired, Pixfans

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This is a soviet blog about a videogame, so this post is a must. Which videogames were played in the old CCCP?

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