2 Feb 2007

Secret Origin of Northern-Star

In a small fishing village in Gelendjik, in the north western Caucases region of Soviet Russia, Pautov Cherchechyn was born. He grew up an idilic life, fishing was his family buisness and hunting in the woodland areas was his most favourite passion.

From 12 years old to 20 Pautov was spending most his life in this manner, until the year 1960 came to pass, and the cold war Cuban Missile Crisis came into play. Pautov was enlisted as a private in the Soviet army. He was a marksman of uncanny ability, and was deposited and trained within the Soviets sniper division.

As Pautov climbed his ranks for battles that were won with his interjection, he was awarded medals of valour and bravery for his country. The army monitored his abilities throughout his various missions, and the general put him through to a speacial secret project called Codename: Northern-star.

Pautov was barricaded within a coccoon of cemented walls and top secret espionage security systems, kept undercover while mother russia’s top scientists and bio mechanical experts designed a new force that would oppose the kapatalist super powered heros of his era.

A star was born…Covered in his bio mechanical Dago battle armoured exo-skeleton, Pautov was reborn, with energy photon beams hissing from his hand mounted compression units, and an energised melee anti offense system, booted into the battle armour.

A star was born… NORTHERN-STAR… the adamantium alloy wings fitted on the rear of the suit allow him to fly… and soar he does… he lets rip and catapults himself into the night, when you think he is gone,look up into the night and wonder if he is there all you need do is wait for a sign of his nova blast… and he is the brightest of stars amongst the glittering diamonds…

that shines bright for MOTHER RUSSIA..!!

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